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Video Collaboration with CafeX Chime - It's Child's Play

By Rohanne Strange Aug. 16, 2017

We recently received a video of two sixth graders using CafeX Chime Meetings to do their homework. The video is so great that we just had to share it with you. Sameer and his friend are digital natives, so they fit into the one-click world of Chime very well. Here is what the kids had to say. 

Be On Time: 3 Online Meeting Tool Features for Punctuality

By Sandra Thomson Aug. 5, 2017

Got back-to-back meetings? Here are the 3 features your online meeting tool must have to be on time for your next video conference or team collaboration event

A new look for

By Kael Matthews July 24, 2017

An insight into the design process behind the new website and how CafeX works collaboratively