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Sandra Thomson
By Sandra Thomson
Published on Aug. 5, 2017

Be On Time: 3 Online Meeting Tool Features for Punctuality

Got back-to-back meetings? Here are the 3 features your online meeting tool must have to be on time for your next video conference or team collaboration event.

I don’t like being late for any meeting, whether professional or personal.  Granted, sometimes it’s unavoidable.  But, what I can’t tolerate is when technology causes me to be late. 

I’ve been a high tech worker for a couple of decades and have used lots of video conferencing and team collaboration software to meet with my co-workers, partners, customers, etc. And, like many of us, I also use these types of technologies in my personal life. So, when I recently joined CaféX and was asked to use its new video chat and collaboration tool called Chime, I gave myself a short time in which to learn the product and provide feedback.

However, having evaluated a lot of software over the years, I now base my reviews on one simple factor. How easy is it to use? For example, can my mother-in-law use it without calling me for tech support? 

But, in the case of online meeting tools, I look for 3 key features in team collaboration software:

  1. Is there a download or plugin? Given the evolution and adoption of apps today, I expect an intuitive experience for any new product, ideally one-click access. I don’t want to download a client or have to install a plugin. Send me a link and with one click it should just work. Well, lo and behold, that’s how Chime works. I used it first within CaféX to meet with my colleagues and, of course, it worked great. So, then I road-tested it with customers and partners - individuals who are not using it every day - and the consistent feedback was how quick it was to connect with whatever browser they were using. This is because Chime extends secure, real-time collaboration to every browser - even those not yet fully compliant with WebRTC standards. Fact: 70% of the Fortune 1000 employees still use Internet Explorer & Safari, and I know from experience that browser compatibility is no small feat, so I was pleasantly surprised. Internal and external participants can simply click a link to join meetings without having to install new plugins, download separate clients, or worry about compatibility issues.
  2. How intuitive is the interface? Another key point of satisfaction for me comes with the Chime music that accompanies a successful session beginning. When clicking through to a new online meeting, there’s always a moment of trepidation with ‘fingers crossed’ that you’ll get in - and on time. With Chime, there’s a consistently brief moment when the logo spins, a pleasant sound byte plays, and suddenly, a thumbnail of you in your live cam is added to those who have just joined too. What’s even cooler - and different from other online meeting tools - is that you and your fellow participants are arranged in a roundtable format, like positions on a clock. Upon entering, audio and video are automatically enabled, but there are intuitive icons surrounding you and your thumbnail for toggling those controls on or off.  There have been no issues with audio or video conferencing. The same goes for group chat, screen-sharing, and even inviting another guest on-the-fly - which, surprisingly, not all team collaboration tools seem to have. Basically, since my first use, it has been stress-free and I haven’t had to consult the help menu at all. 
  3. Are calendar invites integrated? After receiving my first Chime invitation, I created a login and then, the first time I invited people to a Chime meeting, I just cut and pasted my personal Chime link into a calendar invitation. Upon doing so, however, I was prompted to add an extension to Chrome to provide me the option to use Chime via Google Calendar. In one click I was able to create a new Calendar event and choose “Add Chime Meeting” to the invitation. Now, I can simply click to add my personal Chime link to an invite. A lot of other online meeting and video conferencing tools claim to be that easy, but typically, when you try them out or when somebody else invites you to use one of them, someone ends up being late to the meeting and frustrated. 

In summary, there’s only one chance to make a first impression, and there’s no worse way to do so than being late for that first meeting. You’re probably already using a team collaboration tool and I’m guessing you’ve had some bad experiences or embarrassing moments. So, if you are tired of being late to meetings, try Chime for free . Meanwhile, here are other good reasons for you and your company to give it a go:

  • Chime doesn’t require IT to manage yet another app or plugin 
  • Chime adheres to existing security policies and Internet protocols
  • Chime protects IT investments by securely connecting every browser endpoint to popular cloud-based and telepresence systems
  • Chime reduces the cost of video conferencing because it uses cluster technology, reducing MCS utilization and bandwidth consumption

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