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Rohanne Strange
By Rohanne Strange
Digital and Social Media Marketing Manager
Published on Aug. 16, 2017

Video Collaboration with CafeX Chime - It's Child's Play

We recently received a video of two sixth graders using CafeX Chime Meetings to do their homework. The video is so great that we just had to share it with you. Sameer and his friend are digital natives, so they fit into the one-click world of Chime very well. Here is what the kids had to say. 

Sameer needs a tool to let him and his classmate work on homework together. They’ve been using Facetime but “that hasn’t been working”, so he’s decided to try out Chime. “Just go to JustChimein and start a meeting”, he says. With one click Sameer is able to set up a multi-party collaboration session ready for him and his friend to use.  

Sameer invites his friend to the meeting simply by sharing a link. In seconds they are connected - “Hello!” There is no need for either of them to download or install extra software. They can also use their browser and device of choice.

In Chime, Sameer is able to share and present documents (securely, of course) using simple drag and drop to make doing homework even easier (who doesn’t want that?). Along with HD video and crystal clear audio, they can also communicate via live chat or send emojis to shoot each other a thumbs up. Yes, we’re down with the kids.

We agree there is “always room for improvement” and love to listen to feedback from customers, no matter how old they are. As we continue to build on Chime’s fundamentals, we’ve already added features like calendar integration, PSTN dial-in and mobile apps (that’s right, Chime on the go).

“Holographic” Chime is an awesome and very Iron Man-esque idea. Sameer, we like the way you think and will consider this idea for our future product plan..

Thanks again, guys, for capturing this video. Enjoy Chime!