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One-click voice & video meetings

CaféX Chime makes secure web, audio and video conferencing a click away in browsers and mobiles. Free for up to 6 people, this award-winning solution overcomes today's technology barriers to bring online meetings to everyone everywhere. Team members can communicate instantly over HD video and high-quality audio, connecting to today's business video systems through even the strictest corporate firewalls.    

Join with no software download or install

Join or start online meetings simply by clicking on the meeting link in your desktop browser or mobile device. You won't have to download extra software to your desktop or switch to a separate application. Avoid the failed install scenario that typically occurs right before an important meeting.

Chat, screen share and calendar integration

Powerful screen sharing makes it easy to review information with everyone in real time. Comment, pose questions and share links over text chat. You can drag and drop presentations into the meeting too. And with a single click, you can add a Chime link to your calendar when setting up your next meeting. 

Screen Share
Cross Browser

Reach everyone securely and reliably

Bring people together whether they are at work, home or on the move. Chime works well with today's business conferencing systems, allowing guests and others outside a company's network to join meetings using their browsers or mobile devices. Participants can connect to every meeting, every time. Calls will not fail from restrictive corporate Wi-Fi or network transitions.

Ideal for Enterprise IT

By avoiding software downloads, Chime is easier for enterprises to roll out and manage from an end-user perspective, remaining in service even though browsers frequently auto-update. IT departments also won't have to change security policies or add complex network infrastructure. Furthermore, Chime works well with telepresence and conferencing systems to help enterprises make the most of their current technology investments.  

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