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JustChimeIn, the free service based on CaféX Chime, lets you create spectacular online meetings simply by sharing a link. Enjoy high definition video and audio conferencing, live chat and presentation sharing – free for up to 6 people! Connect with guests, customers and teams more easily from anywhere. Join meetings on time with a single tap or click from your mobile device or computer browser. JustChimeIn also works with popular collaboration tools you may already be using, like Skype or Zoom.


Meetings made simple

JustChimeIn lets you create free meetings in seconds using your mobile device or any desktop browser. Simply name your meeting and tap to start. Invite guests just by copying and sending the meeting link from Slack, email or text. There's no browser download for anyone to worry about. It's that easy.

Once you've signed in, you can configure your profile with your name, title and other preferred settings. Enjoy crystal clear audio and HD video conferencing with up to 6 people in elegant roundtable or boardroom format.

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Powerful features, total security

JustChimeIn has all the conferencing features you'll need, like going full screen for video calls and document sharing, muting audio and video, or switching between front and rear-facing cameras. You can connect over Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE or 3G and personalize your experience by selecting which language you'd like to use for live chat and other text.  

With JustChimeIn, privacy is a guarantee. All voice and video communications are encrypted, and users can share presentations or other content from a secure document vault. Our unique technology allows communication to occur across even the strictest firewalls, so teams can meet securely from work, home or in public. You can also see who has joined and lock the meeting once all approved guests have arrived. 


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