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Individuals & Teams

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JustChimeIn is our free service built on CaféX Chime and is perfect for dynamic teams. Includes:

  • 1-click meetings for up to 6 people
  • Audio & video conferencing with nothing to install in your browser
  • Live chat & screen sharing
  • Set up straight from your calendar
  • Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera browsers (for desktops and Android)
  • Apple® native iOS app

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CaféX Chime is ideal for engaging guests and employees. Includes everything in free, plus:

  • Unlimited meetings
  • Up to 25 participants per meeting
  • Phone dial-in from PSTN
  • All browsers supported (e.g. Internet Explorer 11 & Safari 10)
  • Connect securely through firewalls
  • Hosted or on-premises options
  • Connect to other video systems
  • Add your company’s branding
  • Customer portal plus e-mail support

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Ideal for Enterprise IT

By avoiding software downloads, Chime is easier for enterprises to roll out and manage from an end-user perspective, remaining in service even though browsers frequently auto-update. IT departments also won't have to change security policies or add complex network infrastructure. Furthermore, Chime works well with telepresence and conferencing systems to help enterprises make the most of their current technology investments.  

App Integration